river rehab zaksAs part of the ongoing rehabilitation efforts of the once highly polluted Kishon River, about 1.1 million cubic meters of water is being pumped annually into the basin to restore its flow, the Kishon River Authority reported on Monday.

Beginning in August 2015, the river began receiving a monthly minimum of 144,000 cu.m. of water, with the aim of bringing the flow of the river up to about 200 cu.m. per hour, the authority said.

The discharge continued through the end of December and will likely resume again in April, following the rainy winter months. The increased flow will contribute significantly to the ecosystem of the rehabilitated river, according to the authority.

Although the water source has initially been standard drinking water as provided by the Mekorot national water company, this supply will eventually be replaced by spring water that is currently being exploited for drinking and irrigation, a statement from the authority said. Government officials agreed on the urgency to use the drinking water for the time being due to the critical need to improve the quality of the river, which is still receiving mostly saline spring water and agricultural runoff. (more…)


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Workers Compensation Clinics in California

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